Boom! Discovering Open Awareness Meditation

Boom! Brightly colored cards fly all over the game board. A little blue eyed boy sits stunned and motionless. Whoops! A moment passes.

In wonderment, he looks up and asks, “Can you think .. about nothing?” Ah! At that moment, he had a glimpse of just experiencing. A glimpse of what it’s like to take in all the raw sensory data with open awareness.

“You can observe everything as just input.”, was my reply. “You can hear a sound as just raw input. Input into your consciousness.” I paused for two seconds then “snap.” I gently snapped my fingers and let it sink in.

“Everything you see, hear, feel, and even think can be observed.”, I added. I didn’t go into the benefits of that. That was enough for now.

“Uh oh”, I thought some minutes later. Something more needs to be shared. Catching him just in time before he lost himself in play, I shared: “Since I have shared that secret, there’s something important to tell you.”

I went on, “People matter. Love matters. That is an axiom .. a foundation from which to live.” Thankfully, he agreed.

May we all embrace such a foundation. People matter. Love matters. Yes, you who are reading this now. You matter. May you be well.

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