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Humans love to compare experiences and share what they learn. Sharing knowledge, compassion, and wisdom makes us all stronger. With meditation, there are certain natural questions and experiences that come up. Although the meditation learning experience is best facilitated by interacting with a reputable meditation instructor, it’s fun and comforting to casually interact with other meditators.

If you’re looking for an online community of passionate meditators where you can post a thought, question or just want to say hi, the best online meditation community I have found is the Meditation Mind community on Discord. The website is titled Meditation Mind. The URL is

Found in the #about channel, their vision statement includes:

Meditation Mind is a global community to support each other on the path of being present. We keep the emphasis on mindfulness, respect and compassion; This is a space for all interested in or practicing meditation & mindfulness and all are welcome. Self-moderation, habit building and personal maturity is our purpose for coming together

The community is run by thoughtful people who I have had the pleasure of directly interacting with online. At the time of discovering the Meditation Mind community, I was one of two organizers running our own online meditation community named Still Life. The other organizer and original founder of Still Life was Eddie Cohen. I proposed Still Life merge into the Discord community and Eddie heartily agreed!

There have been no regrets in making that move. The people are quite friendly and willing to help each other.

This Discord community formed just a few months ago and yet have hundreds of members. in the year 2018 and has 2700 members now! Whenever I get on, I see multiple posts in the #the-lounge text channel every day.

As said, they use the communication platform called Discord. Originally built for gamers, the Discord communication platform is used by many other different groups. Here’s a video that will teach you how to use Discord:

There is a Meditation Mind Discord link for joining the community. If you join, be sure to say hi on the #introductions text channel. After that, checkout the #about text channel for more details about the community.

Since this is a casual community, most of the people you will be interacting with are not meditation teachers. Also, people are people even if they meditate. So, it’s theoretically possible to run into a mean person even though I have not met one there.

Book Club

There’s a book club in the community. Be sure to check it out at #book-club! It has been active for years now.

What Am I Saying?

I am saying that I highly recommend the Meditation Mind community. Feel free to say hi to me, finneycanhelp, after you join Meditation Mind on Discord!

Update (February 2019): Removed a chat image, updated the name of the group to Meditation and Mindfulness, names of Discord communication channels, and the number of community members.  

Update (March 2019): Added Book Club section

Update (July 2020): Updated URLs and name of community to Meditation Mind. Updated number of members: “..has 2700 members..”

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    Nice of you to share! I’ve met some very nice people on that discord. There is a lot of wisdom there.