When Is It OK to Use a table HTML Element?

Never, but there’s an exception. If you are displaying tabular data, it’s fine to use.

A quote from CSS-Tricks:

So, when should we use<table>? Actual tabular data, of course! If you need to display a list of baseball scores, statistics or anything else in that vein, <table> is your friend. 

Ryan Grist. 2020. Why Do Some HTML Elements Become Deprecated? (April 2020). Retrieved September 6, 2020

What about using display: table-cell (CSS)?

In the Stackoverflow post titled How (and why) to use display: table-cell (CSS), this is interesting:

“..there is no good reason, and you should probably never do this.”

“In my over a decade of experience in web development, I can’t think of a single time I would have been better served to have a bunch of divs with display styles than to just have table elements.”


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