Brainy Brain Rain and Meditation

When sadness starts to cover you like a cold and wet towel, naturally you will feel like ripping the feeling right out of your brain. You hate feeling that way.

The trouble is that the harder you try to pull it off the bigger and heavier it gets. “What if that feeling is with me forever?”, you wonder in fear.

The smart move in this case is to feel what you need to feel and then let the feeling be. Let go of your grip on it. Don’t push it away or pull it in closer. I wrote this to capture this valuable concept:

Oh brainy brain. It’s ok to rain. It’s ok to not be happy. The drops of emotion falling on down will eventually all drain away.

This approach is the same approach as described in Bowl Bottom Centered. Let the sadness slip away. Allow harmony, goodness, peace, tranquility, and focus take its place. Keep on keeping on.

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