Goodbye Smiling, Hello Finney Can Help!

As a place to blog, served well for a few years. However, I ran into issues with how the blog posts looked. I spent more time fiddling with things and working with web designers than blogging! So, I decided to start this new site,

After searching around for quite awhile and consulting smart people like Yu-kai Chou, I landed on two blogging tools to setup the blog right, WordPress and BlueHost. So far, so good. So time to just copy the old blog content over to my new site, right? Wrong!

I recalled how someone created a new website for a client, copied content over and then BAM, google dropped the websites from google search results completely. In short, they were dead aka a non-entity in the internet. This is because of a duplicate content algorithm google uses to make sure websites are playing fair.  Here’s a related article: Thin & Duplicate Content: eCommerce SEO.

Although I would love to bring over the older blog content, the older content will stay at Regardless, I’m still smiling and look forward to serving you here at this new site.