“Good” Meditation Growth Then Tears Flowed

I have been using the iPhone app Meditation for Skeptics by 10% Happier for some time now. As said in earlier posts like 10% Happier App is Growing, the app has answered questions I’ve had for a long time, brought different perspectives to my meditation practice, and has given me insightful conversations with real-live meditation coaches.

Recently, something special happened.

After finishing a 20 minute meditation, I did the last two sessions of the 10% Happier app with Sharon Salzburg. I’ve done them before, but decided to revisit them.

After I completed the two sessions, I felt an urge to tell Sharon she did a good job. I thought: Why not? She earned it! It would also exercise my kindness mental muscle. So, I started writing a quick Twitter tweet saying she did “good” and then changed it to “great”. Great is better than good, right?

Sharon Salzberg. As you have heard many times I'm sure, you did great with your role in the 10% happier app.

Great Job Tweet

Why in the world did the word “good” still feel like higher praise than “great”? What’s going on? Then, the answer hit me. So, I shared my moment of “ah ha!”

This just helped me realize that when a grandfather told me "I did good" he meant it on two levels. Good for others too.

Why Grandpa Said “Good”

Time to share what I truly felt. She did well and it was a wonderful gift for all.

So, you did good.

Sharon Did Good Tweet

Boom! Feelings of gratitude, missing grandpa, and love washed through me. Tears flowed. It wasn’t sadness, but just “wow!” What to do?

Fortunately, I knew what to do. In my experience and from what I have learned from others on this path, it’s best to let the feelings flow through you. Let the tears stream down the face and to breathe deep. If such an experience is new to you, you may feel silly when it hits you. However, take comfort in that this is all normal and healthy.

This is a natural breakthrough. Sometimes such experiences can be interpreted as unsettling, embarrassing, or even scary.

I suggest comparing these experiences with those experienced with meditation. One obvious source is the 10% Happier app made by Dan Harris and others. Other local sources may serve you as well. Good luck on your journey and be well!

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