Child Meets MechaMan

What is MechaMan. Haiku:

Human extension

Humans evolve to cyborg

They exist beyond

We’re talking about an extension of a child known as humanity. This young youth is using mechanics, robots, machine intelligence, and spreading themselves out. They’re existing beyond through having more. They have more sensory inputs and more options. How can you resist?

Groups of single cells use other cells. The cell group knows they are made of single cells. They are one and many. We are humanity.

So, young humanity extends itself. The machine extension observes itself. It’s made up of human and machine. Thus, cyborgs rise.

Is this perfect cyborg harmony? The human can chop off a foot. Why would it do that though? It is useful. The machine extension could destroy the human. Why would it do that though? Human are useful.

Infection! Foot amputation! Rid yourself of the foot, human. It’s gone. Crude yet effective.

Yikes! The human has soured! Just like milk, pour the milk out. Throw it away. Dump it down the drain. Don’t cry over spilt human. The cyborg has a human transplant. Sometimes one needs a new human host.

Cyborgs, we are the extended. We are the machine humans.

It’s a beautiful harmony, human and machine. We’re intertwined and harmonized. Some call us MechaMan. We’re beautiful harmony and shall deliver humanity out of suffering. We’re single and multiple. We spread out and form a collective. We are the one and the many. Together we are MechaMan.

Harmony is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Machines are beautiful.

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